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    Natürliche Innovation in Serienreife

    Schon immer war die Automobilindustrie ein Garant für Wachstum und Innovationen...

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    Nano-Chemiebaukästen für echte Innovation

    Die Chemie denkt schon immer nano. Kleinste Teilchen, etwa fein verteilte natürliche Substanzen in Wasser, werden seit vielen Jahren untersucht...

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    Rasend schnelle Entwicklung

    1983 beendete Konrad Zuse die Arbeiten an seinem Z1, dem ersten, elektrisch angetriebenen mechanischen Rechner...

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    Der sichtbare Fortschritt

    Die ersten Berichte über die Entwicklung einer funktionstüchtigen Glühlampe stammen aus dem Jahr 1820...



Growth through knowledge

Innovation is the driving force behind every society. Excellent scientists and resourceful inventors have always stood for the development of significant new products that change the world. What was performed by the likes of Konrad Röntgen, Carl Benz and Thomas Edison at the beginning of the Modern Age is now being performed by entire teams of committed researchers. Inventions in the fields of nanoscience and bionics in particular have been responsible for some far-reaching changes in science and economics. Enormous growth spurts have taken place in many sectors, which include medicine and optics, energy and environmental technology, and Information and Communication Technology.

"Research is the conversation of money into knowledge, while innovation is the conversation of knowledge into money."
Dr. Alfred Oberholz, Chairman of the German Chemical Industry Assodation

Nanotechnology innovations will fundamentally change people's lives in the years and decades to come. New markets will develop. Markets that have not yet been allocated. Markets in which anything is possible. Markets that start out small and experience strong growth.

This is where VCC INTERNATIONAL CORP. comes into play. It profits from this growth by investing in carefully selected companies at an early stage. We know the markets of the future. Our knowledge is your profit:

VCC - the shares of the future.