Iustum Innovations & Entwicklungs GmbH

istum_ Kopie The IUSTUM INNOVATIONS & ENTWICKLUNGS GMBH develops solutions and technologies in the area of absorption of liquids, especially of fats and oils. The solutions developed by the Iustum to the production are used in diverse industries such as household and kitchen utensils, detergents, consumer electronics or automotive. The Iustum starts with the product “FatFix”, an innovative food degreaser in the form of a fleece.


comsaveCOMSAVE is a developer and provider of innovative software, which refers to testing procedures to soft errors is specialized. Soft errors are maloperation in Mikrochips misdirected electric particles, which are increasing in the ever finer electronic circuits. COMSAVE products produces effort arm automatically the necessary components. COMSAVE can thus offer cost-effective and efficient solutions.


htelco HTELCO (Hellenic Telecommunications) is a Greek Telephone company. Headquartered in Thessaloniki. HTELCO has all necessary state licenses for all of Greece a provider of electronic telecommunications and is able to provide comprehensive services in Offer telecommunications, including telephony and in Internet flat rates. The company is networks of former Greek State monopolist OTE and its successor companies use and thus its cost flexible to the needs can adjust.


(on Platform Companisto)
ePortrait ePortrait makes it possible to create biometric passport photos on webcam itself. Large organizations can integrate ePortrait in their Web page for ID cards and other cards customer-friendly to obtain digital images, for example for the new health card of the german health insurance companies.

RSM Ries System

ries-mobile-logoARNOLD RIES engineering, Limburg develops and builds new compact and powerful gear for a wide range of applications.
The RSM MODULAR DESIGN SYSTEM enables customer requirements flexibly and inexpensively implement.