Sound business with small particles

As history has proven, there are many routes to innovation: for instance, the physician Alexander Fleming accidentally left a bacterial culture in his laboratory before going on holiday. Upon his return, he discovered that a fungus had grown in the culture medium, and that the bacteria in the vicinity of this fungus had not multiplied. Fleming named this bactericide after the fungus: penicillin. This discovery in 1928 was only the start, however. The antibiotic developed from it has made it possible to combat many infectious diseases. It has since saved the lives of millions of people.

In the 21st century, chemists and scientists have long since surpassed the mere use of a microscope – they now explore the world on a precise nanometre scale. The biologist Andreas Jordan has, for example, developed an innovative cancer therapy. The principle appears to be simple: nanoparticles with a nucleus of iron oxide particles are injected into a tumour. An alternating magnetic field then causes these tiny particles to oscillate. The resulting friction generates a large amount of heat, which kills the tumour cells.

Jordan’s method, for which he has received several innovation awards, has already been effectively tested in the treatment of various types of cancer. His company, founded in 1997, has long since become a successful enterprise, which cooperates with esteemed major companies such as Siemens in the development of new therapies.

The future development of nanomedicine has already begun, and VCC knows its importance. The development of new carrier systems on a nanoscale, designed to bring medication directly to the diseased organ, has been groundbreaking in this field. Nanotechnology has also aided progress in the field of implant medicine. In regard to the biocompatibility between prostheses and tissues, nanoporous surfaces are designed to release molecular bioactive agents, ensuring that the implant is “gently” embedded in the body. The prospects for using this technology in medical diagnostics are equally spectacular.

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