Young entrepreneurs as the driving force

Many branches of industry are currently experiencing a real innovation surge, due to new know-how in science and research. These innovative products generate new markets. Those who are able to recognise such markets and correctly estimate their growth potential will have a definite advantage over their competitors.

VCC buys shares in innovative companies that translate inventions in nanotechnology and bionics into new products as early as possible. Participation mainly takes the form of purchasing share capital and providing equity.

The investment criteria are strict. VCC does not just require an innovative product that can be internationally marketed, but also dedicated entrepreneurs who contribute towards the development of their company by being fully committed and assuming risk.

VCC believes in comprehensive risk management: The investment volume is divided across various target companies operating independently of one another in different sectors. This significantly reduces the risk of failure.

Thanks to its network of contacts in science and research, VCC has the necessary know-how to track and implement developments in growth sectors. This head start creates real added value.